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# 53 adult poodle female
Goldie's Itsy Bitsy

born 8-29-02
weight 2lbs and 9oz
height 5 3/4 inches
color   white

sire Price's Brown Bear
dam Delaney's Baby Ginger Spice

My name says it all" Itsy Bitsy"  when I was a young pup my owner says I was just a power puff with eyes and a buton nose, now that i'm all grown up they still say the same thing, can't a girl get ahead. 


# 159 adult female poodle
Goldie's Double T. Chocolate Delight

# 159 adult female poodle
Goldie's Double T. Chocolate Delight
born 4-14-04
color  Dark Chocolate
weight 2 lbs 6 ozs
height 5 1/2 inches
dam Price's coco Brandy
sire Velvet Touch Chips Ahoy
No Autographs Please, I might look Innocent but my name is Double T and that doesn't stand for double dark chocolate like my color is stands for double TROUBLE
                    188 Adult Female Poodle

                       Born : 8-27-06

                             Weight : 3 1/2 lbs.

                             Height : 8 in.

                             Color    :  Red

                              Teacup Poodle

                   196 Adult Female

                       Born : 7-02-06

                             Weight : 2 lbs 14 ozs.

                             Height : 7 1/2 in.

                              Color   : Red

                              Tiny Teacup Poodle

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